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The Northwest School of Structural Therapy and instructor Kelly Clancy, OTR/L, LMP, SMS,  are committed to educating practitioners on progressive new and emerging manual therapy techniques and holistic concepts related to health, wellness, and the promotion of well-being.  Our classes are geared for all practitioners who are interested in learning about and delivering comprehensive whole mind/body medicine.


 Is the biomechanical model dead?  Check out Kelly's latest blogpost

Want to learn more about the newest research related to fascia?  Have you ever sat down to read Anatomy Trains by Tom Myers and have been overwhelmed?  Come join us for this 8 live teleseminars, each 1.5 hours, with discussion and Q&A; access to private discussion group.  Fascial Journal Club

Want to learn more about the ligament system and its role in connective tissue tension?  Learn fast, easy to perform techniques to address the shoulders and neck, on Monday September 19th from 12:00-6:00 we will be bringing back out popular ligament stimulation series.    Register here for this introductory course.  Ligament Stimulation Shoulder and Neck

Have you been curious about Bowenwork?  Want to learn a light touch technique that is easy on the practitioner and client?  See how you can make major changes in the neuromyofascial system with targeted soft tissue mobilization.  We will be starting a new 7 part series on September 24-25th.  Find out more information here:   Bowen Module 1

Fresh tissue cadaver dissection September 9-11, 2016- SOLD OUT.  Students pay your balance due here: cadaver dissection balance due

Watch Kelly's Video - "About Tensegrity Medicine™"